About Us


The website provides

  • Information on individual carbon footprint based on your consumption.
  • Bringing down your carbon footprint in a quantifiable manner.
  • All products are throughly researched and a lot of them are certified 100% eco-friendly products.

The criterion that we look for in all our products

  • Chemical free
  • 100% Compostable
  • Easily biodegradable
  • Recycle or up cycled products
  • Renewable energy
  • Non electric products
  • Maximum water conservation

Search for any topic related to environment, climate change, carbon footprint, sustainability, consumer responsibility towards sustainability, water conservation, resource management, energy consumption, marine wildlife and marine health, wildlife, forest conservation on this website and it will lead you to a step by step process of how you can incorporate sustainability in your own life by switching from non- eco-freindly, chemical laden, energy and water sucking products and services to a more responsible non-chemical, eco-friendly products and services. The search bar will lead you to answers to your questions. They are based on facts and statistics. The website encourages minimalism which means buying exactly what you need and nothing more that that. The more we consume, the more we generate trash. We encourage to consume responsibly which does not mean to starve yourself of essentials but having enough for everybody.

Sustainability, Go Green, Eco-friendly are words that have garnered a lot of attention recently. A lot of us want to make a conscious switch from a not so environment friendly lifestyle to a more sustainable one. But the gap lies is not knowing how to do it. This website will bridge that gap by providing all necessary information on how to achieve a lifestyle which is both healthy for you and the planet. We do all the research to avoid any discrepancy and to eradicate any confusion the consumers might have about what is eco-friendly and what is not.. We do our homework so you don't have to do them.